As a boy, my father urged me to look more into people’s actions rather than their words. In that regard, most artists are much more right-wing than left, even if they mostly present themselves as the opposite. Traditionally, the left is about the collective and the right about the individual. Being an artist is a very individualistic pursuit, so to compensate for this, many have adopted hard-line left views. A centrist, if truly attempting a balance between these polarities, is far from one who bends with the wind. They are upholding a perspective that includes both. These crude divides, of course, have lost a lot of their meaning, but this line was helpful for me to understand. Most things have become weaponized beyond rationality, so the intellectual shelves, coupled with prior historical consequences, seem to be currently out of stock. It’s a near-impossible junction we are at. Our competency-based institutions are badly corrupted, and the collectivists have started a war on competence itself. Perhaps, there is a middle way?

I grew up listening to Rush, who were inspired by Ayn Rand. I also listened to a bunch of Pink Floyd at the same time. If you’ve followed the journey of Roger Waters, you’ll know he is about as left as it gets. Counter to the government-funded side of the contemporary art world, Bitcoin art has seen an emergence of centrist to right-wing artists representing things like sound money, personal responsibility, spiritual values, and ideas reflecting human rights over the collective.
Much like the still rampant and outdated critique of consumerism, we now have a very “in your face” example of people’s power. It all came about via toilet paper. In that sense, we are all now the world leaders with our fingers on the big button. What we choose to share on social media as a collective now result in empty shelves in shops. What does this new world look like to you know as a world leader? How will you handle the pressure and responsibility? The real big picture is that we are truly awakening to a one-world perspective – slowly but surely.

Granted, many went overboard with conspiracies at the dawn of the internet – myself included. With me, the re-emergence of flat earth concept was something that woke me up to remember that a lot of this stuff is just rocket-powered stupid on an exponential sharing curve. The war on competence is very similar to the horizontal landscape motion of the flat earth movement. A horde of babies being tossed out with the bathwater. Should you actually doubt if the earth is flat, treat yourself to this humbling channel by Cool Hard Logic.
Much like the COVID-19 virus, a bunch of idiotic shit got cross-pollinated by fear and the great swing to unfiltered information by mass media and the blinders restricted education system. We learned how money works, what controls there were in place for info sharing on the news, how much deeper the rabbit hole goes, and so on. This, however, is no reason to go sailing off the end of the world now at the cusp of the new wave of human evolution. If we don’t screw this up, we might really get a better world than our parents had, as opposed to the economic downward spiral.

Soon, the butterfly effect birthed the intellectual dark web, long-form podcasting, and a sweet spot for intellectuals with the courage to take the world by a balancing storm. However, you can’t see how the monetary system works after a documentary film reveals the money printing machine to you. There still isn’t a Jordan Peterson for the financial system. The majority of people outside the crypto bubble don’t know who Andreas Antonopolous is, regardless of his Joe Rogan appearances. In relation to art, the same print engine has been counterfeiting worthless post-modern art for decades, a lot of which is about to hit zero during the next economic crash. Crypto art might be a different matter, even if a lot of it is worthless as a store of value too. As a bet? Much better than most inside the ring of the art world.

— VESA (@artbyvesa) March 16, 2020

For now, the BTC dip followed the laws of most of the market, but to most, it is yet to down that should the world’s millionaires all want one BTC each, there aren’t enough of them. Once the government printers truly get some consequences, which can be rather fast due to Corona, panic buying can start for BTC and crypto in general. This morning, the FED just announced a 0% interest rate. The BTC shelves will be out of the reach of most quicker than we just ran out of rolls of tp – potentially. Nothing is certain but if I as an artist get this, I’m sure there are more knowledgable people than me propagating this avalanche.

Watch the chat on Youtube here
Here is an Instagram live recording we did with Serena Tabacchi from the Museum Of Contemporary Digital Art yesterday (15th March) illustrating some important things and the likely shift between digital and physical art as a store of value for collectors and investors. The permanent coupling made possible via blockchain solutions, the renaissance values and huge societal value shifts with innovations truly make crypto art the game in art town. I’m ever so grateful to be a part of it.

The Disruptive.LIVE chat was one of the highlights of Blockchain Tech World

It was also the premiere of the physical Didi Taihuttu piece “Frontline“
Thanks also to Blockchain Tech World for hosting me during the last days before it became a true hazard to go to mass gatherings. The flow of interesting people at a nice pace, before the second-day ghost town from midday onward, was a delight. The OKEX Vip drinks were after, was likely the last for a long time. Cheers for hosting and to David and Priyanka from Aix Trade for the laughs.

Many thanks for the drinks @OKEx at Dirty Martini. Looks@like this was the last for a while and had a blast.#cryptoart #OKEx
— VESA (@artbyvesa) March 12, 2020
My crypto artist feature this time goes to Pascal Boyart, aka. Pboy. He is a dope French muralist utilizing AR and tokenizing tech to make his creations come alive on large walls. Make sure you check out his forward-thinking and pushing stuff – perhaps consider commissioning him to come to paint your wall.

He has recently also started to venture into more traditional oil portraiture.

…and just to be clear before some art flat earther goes off the deep end to call me a right-wing whatever, the point for me is a balance between individual and collective rights. The fight between these polarities so they end up in the middle is the well being of all.
Stay safe everyone. Remember that gathering to party after a mass shooting is a great way to show the bounce-back of life. During a virus attack, it’s called Darwinism.

Downtown Nashville is undefeated.
— Janna Abraham (@SportsPundette) March 15, 2020
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