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Who the %ˆ$ˆ%#ˆ$ in their right minds is buying art right now? The world is melting; people are losing their collective marbles, jobs, and marriages – what the hell, man? Well, the NFT world is still seeing sales, and a new art world is being built, whether you like it or not. It seems that the forced quarantine has rather quickened the pace, and collectors are stealing pieces, likely worth a lot soon, with small investments. Just a while back, some kitties sold for staggering sums. Now we are finally talking actual art by emerging and already prominent crypto art names – uniquely made for the revolution.
Right on the money

This article is very much about also this collaboration project titled “Legacy” with the primal surreal visual force that is Mr. Money Alotta. When he is not making art for his friend John McAfee or meme lording some hilarious shit, he spends time with his daughter. She was his first access point to throwing ideas around trying to figure what this thing will be. I instantly had a warm feeling about this. The adventure is to immerse ourselves in each other’s creative process and surrender to what will be born. I’ve never done a collaboration with another visual artist, so this is new territory for me. Doing it with Money, though, gives me complimentary confidence that it will be something neither of us has seen before. As the chat illustrates, this is a driving force for both. At this stage, as you will hear, neither of us really know what we are doing. You’ll be able to witness the whole thing from start to finish.
At the end of the interview, I literally had my arm hairs go up from excitement to get started.
Listen to the fourth episode of “We Love Decentralized” with him on Youtube here.

Virtual Blockchain Week
with McAfee, CZ, Draper, Sun, Shrem, Pomp, VESA, etc.

Another project is set to premiere through the Bad Crypto Podcast crew enabled Virtual Blockchain Week. Feels great to be presenting in this exquisite company, and let’s face it: Do you have anywhere else to be really? It’s 19 days to go time and frankly, I’m starting from scratch with this one. Much like the Money collab, I’m yet to know what will happen in my 20-min slot.
Join the crypto trailblazers to withness digital history here:

Virtual Blockchain Week 2020

Alternate Spaces VR Continued

After joining Altspace with my Oculus GO set, all of a sudden this kid starts talking to me and said that my alias robot blinks when I talk. She wanted to be friends. Her ID handle said wolf345 or something, so thought no harm. The resonant saying:” Be brave enough to suck at something new” vibrates throughout the pioneer universe. In the same spirit, I set up a meeting space on @AltspaceVR. The channel will focus in crypto art and you can register via

The guest slot this time goes to Coldie and his Crypto Voxels project “Get Out While You Stay In”. I had the honor of being a small part of a unique, definitely fresh, and historic crypto art event. Over 40+ artists took part in this joint effort to put something together that hasn’t been done before. Coldie has been pioneering the 3D side of crypto art for a while and is loved by many in the community. This episode of him on Curating Crypto, even if a while back, is a good introduction.
Read about it further for more recent news, and the ‘Get Out While You Stay In’ project in this in-depth article on Coin Telegraph

Browse all artists & check out my Didi Taihutu collab piece ‘Frontline’ on Crypto Voxels

You need but turn around and you are right in the middle of the action, including this Art By Nelly “Hope’ piece
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