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Following the pandemic and its impact on the economy, the mental health, and tensions of all global citizens, things in the United States have reached a boiling point. Widespread protests have erupted into the streets over the unjust passing of George Floyd. While some have turned violent, others remain peaceful.
One particular protest in Los Angeles featured an outraged citizen who took pause to recommend Bitcoin on live TV as a way to “opt-out” of the failing economy.
Protests Breakout Across All 50 US States, Some Turn To Violence
News coverage of the virus outbreak has quickly turned toward an outbreak of violence and protests sweeping the United States.
Protests over the murder of innocent victim and “gentle giant” George Floyd by way of police brutality, have erupted across all 50 US states.
Most start as peaceful protests aimed at spreading a powerful message of equality, however, many turn to looting, arson, and violence.
Police are responding with even more force only making matters worse and causing the situation to further escalate.
Businesses are being broken into, and business owners are being attacked for trying to defend their livelihoods. Countless lives have already been lost, and nearly 9,000 have been arrested in related incidents.
Protesters have in some cases lost sight of the underlying message due to the sheer frustration they feel toward more than just police.
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The US is currently experiencing record levels of unemployment, citizens largely remain in lockdown like conditions, and people are fed up with wage and health care gaps.
Frustrations are being taken out on communities and innocent people, due to just how badly broken the system is and has been.
Bitcoin was created amid the last major financial crisis as a means to give people the power to fight back, or the very least opt-out of the current monetary system.
Peaceful Protester Takes Opportunity To Recommend Opting Out With Bitcoin on Live TV
One peaceful protester marching in solidarity in downtown Los Angeles was interviewed on live TV by Univision journalists.
During the interview, the protester took the opportunity to educate the masses on how buying Bitcoin can allow people to “opt-out” of the current, broken monetary system that has been designed to keep everyday citizens poor, while the rich get richer.

Who is this wise man?!? This was just broadcasted live in LA 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Get this guy on the podcast circuit. #bitcoin 🚀 @MartyBent @APompliano @joerogan @nlw @DavidJNage
— Adam Pokornicky (@callmethebear) June 3, 2020

Bitcoin was created to be fully decentralized and exist outside the grasp of governments and bankers that have long controlled the economy. Their decision making regularly benefits the wealthiest individuals, while leaving the rest of the 99% fighting for the remaining economic scraps.
With those scraps drying up, money being printed at a whim, and riots breaking out all over putting people’s property at risk, there’s never been a more ideal environment for Bitcoin to thrive. Its digital-only design keeps it out of arm’s reach from thieves, and its hard-capped supply makes it a strong hedge against inflation.
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It’s important to not lose sight of the need for equality across all people, and attempt to finally put an end to police brutality. But it’s clear that the incident with George Floyd was the spark that lit an already extremely hot fuse, setting off an atom bomb worth of years of oppression and frustration.
While Bitcoin isn’t the answer to many of these important issues that absolutely must be faced and resolved for peace to return, it is a way to opt-out from the current failure of a monetary system and begin to rebuild anew.