Crypto News

Leading crypto exchange Phemex has announced a new initiative called Learn and Earn. This educational program has the objective of rewarding users to learn about crypto and its underlying technology.

Divided into several courses with different lessons in video formats, users will learn fundamental concepts related to this industry and this new asset class. Users can access the courses via Phemex’s website by clicking on the drop-down menu, the Learn & Earn option.

Once a lesson is completed, users can take a quiz. If they answered correctly, they would receive a reward. Even if the user has made a mistake, the platform will allow them to try again. Before participating in the program, the exchange requires everyone to complete the KYC process.

Every new technology must go through an adoption curve. In the beginning, people need tools to learn how to adapt these technologies to improve their life. Phemex seeks to reward users to take on this task. Thus, they fulfill one of their core principles: to gain something of value back to their community.

How Phemex Will Rewards Its Community

As part of the educational program launch, Phemex did a double Giveaway from the 17th to the 24th of the current month. Users were able to earn double the reward to participate in the initiative. In the coming week, the exchange will hand out bonuses for all participants that meet their requirements.

Moreover, between June 25th and July 2th, users can complete certain steps to receive an entry into a Phemex Lucky Draw. 20 winners will be selected on July 16th and will receive $100 in trading bonuses. Users will have more chances of winning with every entry they can get.

As one of the most important exchange platforms in the crypto industry, Phemex and its new program will take an active role in educating new users and persuade them of the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The past year has demonstrated that the international payment and financial system is complex and outdated. The pandemic has accelerated a process of digitalization that people demand. In the coming years, cryptocurrencies and digital assets will become more relevant for everyday life, Phemex gives you the opportunity to learn about this exciting technology, have fun in the meantime, and earn extra money.