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Nine Chronicles, a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) backed by South Korean blockchain company Planetarium and video game juggernaut Ubisoft is off to a flying start after launching Arena Season 0 on September 8th.

The inaugural season, called Yggdrasil: The Alpha Season, will run until approximately October 6th, (ending once block number 2,463,999 has been validated) and allows players to win their share of 896,000 NCG tokens in prize pools along with rare and exclusive NFTs that provide players with in-game utility and built-in value.

Why This Game Could Be the Next Big Thing in Blockchain-based Gaming

With a robust Discord community and a Twitter following of more than 36,000 people, Nine Chronicles is set to capture the imagination of MMORPG players and crypto enthusiasts alike. But that’s just one reason the game is likely to take off.

Just last month, Planetarium raised $2.6 million in venture capital funding from some of the top funds in the investing in the gaming sector to grow the staff of developers and continue building out the content for the game itself.

But of course, there is an even bigger reason Nine Chronicles is set up for success. It follows in the footsteps of Axie Infinity in offering players a chance to earn cryptocurrency and NFTs using its unique version of a play-to-earn model that will continue to evolve as the game matures.

It’s estimated that Axie Infinity has generated a whopping $485 million in revenue since July. With the incentives Nine Chronicles has in place for players and the fact that the value of in-game NFTs is directly connected to the size and passion of the communities around these play-to-earn games, the game could be the next to rock the crypto world and put value back into the hands of players rather than solely profiting publishers.

More about the Play-to-Earn Features behind Nine Chronicles’ Inaugural Season

Yggdrasil: The Alpha Season features four main rewards for players:

  • 448,000 NCG tokens split between all players who qualify for arena gameplay.
  • 448,000 NCG tokens split between the weekly top 500 players in the game.
  • Six mythical-grade costume Ruci character in-game NFTs and 34 legendary-grade costume Rui in-game NFTs.
  • 100 titles for top-tier arena players

How Players Can Qualify to Earn Rewards

The rewards offered during the first season of Nine Chronicles have the potential to be so massively valuable that the game takes off, but players do need to qualify to earn rewards by doing three things:

  1. Get to level 17 to unlock arena mode.
  2. Continue competing in the arena to get higher ratings for characters.
  3. Claim rewards through the Nine Chronicles portal.

Players can participate in a maximum of 20 available fights every single day. They need arena tickets to enter into battles. They can receive five tickets every six hours (or every 2,000 validated blocks).

The current architecture of the game does not allow for more at the moment but the plan is to allow for more arena tickets to be made available to players in future seasons.

Why the Future Value of the NFTs Could Skyrocket

The end-of-season rewards for Nine Chronicles players are both abundant, scarce, and potentially insanely valuable in the future, so the game covers every base.

All participants who enter the arena get to earn NCG tokens. Top 500 weekly players get to split the same share of tokens, plus the game rewards players who stake their NCG tokens throughout the season.

The rewards don’t just come in the form of more tokens, but a chance to mint one of 240 NFTs exclusive to the first season. That includes the chance at 1 of 9 Rui character NFTs.

To have an exclusive character that there are just nine of for a community that experienced an 850% growth in daily active users in the second fiscal quarter of this year means Nine Chronicles could see players playing to earn some insanely valuable rewards.