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Gamification within the crypto industry has disrupted traditional gaming and helped attract countless new faces to the world of digital assets.

The popularity of NFT and blockchain-based games has opened up unique opportunities for gamers like the play-to-earn model and the interoperability of assets. Most notably, the inclusion of in-game NFTs also allows gamers to potentially generate passive income.

Gamers interested in an exciting online multiplayer game packed with opportunities to win millions have a unique occasion to participate in the Mooning Monkeys ecosystem.

In this revamped version of the famous Crash game, Mooning Monkey players can co-own and earn revenue from the game. Each community member can potentially be one of the first people to own a Sci-Fi Comic Book in NFT format as well as unique Mooning Monkeys NFTs.

Plenty Of Opportunities To Win Big With The Mooning Monkey Crash Game

Crash games remain popular due to the excitement and thrill they provide to many gamers, especially since the concept is easy to initially understand but often difficult to master. Users bet before the game begins and when the countdown ends, a graph displays the money multiplier that starts to increase as gameplay initiates.

The excitement comes since the multiplier could crash at any time, with those who pressed ‘cash out’ beforehand winning their multiplied bet. The game’s structure means players can reap immense returns on their investment in just a few clicks. Gamers can also turn to the platform’s profit calculator, also featuring a reward distribution model, to learn about the revenue they can collect as a NFT holder.

Gamers can do much more than just earn from the crash game. By participating in Mooning Monkeys minting, players can hold the valuable Mooning Monkey NFTs and help them evolve from 12,000 ordinary monkeys to the 4th and last evolution, with a population of 500 eternal and valuable Yetis. Each of the three subsequent evolutions increase exponentially the revenue share captured by the NFT A NFT evolution page explains the process and requirements to upgrade as well as the lucrative rewards handed out to Mooning Monkey NFT holders, including a significant redistributed share of 50% of all in-game profits.

All Mooning Monkey NFTs have real-world utility, are totally unique and have been designed around 239 distinctive traits. Each NFT holder knows that he is a shareholder of the game, creating an objective value to the NFT on top of the intangible artwork value of the collectible.

Exclusive Benefits For Gamers And NFT Holders

The story of the Mooning Monkey’s space odyssey will also be released into four small comic books of 14 pages. The first 10 gamers/participants to own 14 pages of any chapter will receive a special surprise. Full comic book owners will also unlock a unique range of special privileges.

Gamers can visit the comic book page to learn more about each exclusive book and purchase a page or full book.

Finally, Mooning Monkey NFT’s holders also stand to earn daily rewards of the native $TAK (TAKION) token without having to do any extra work. Gamers can reap the benefits of earning from the unique crash game and earn more rewards by holding NFTs. Token holders will also be able to generate an APY and stake.

Gamers and NFT enthusiasts can jump into the NFT craze with Mooning Monkeys and earn lucrative passive income through the platform’s crash game. The NFT game celebrates the gaming industry while encouraging participants to build relationships and connections with like minded individuals, all while possibly making money across the way.

Those interested in learning more about the project can visit the Mooning Monkeys website.

NFT minting starts as soon as November 30th for gamers excited to own one of the most stylish, rare, and utility-packed NFTs. The price will start at 600 in SOL value per Mooning Monkey. The final amount in SOL will be updated 12 hours before the final sale event, corresponding to $600 USD per Mooning Monkey. On the day of the minting event, a maximum of 12 Mooning Monkeys, or the SOL equivalent, can be purchased per wallet. Mooning Monkeys NFTs will only be available on the official Mooning Monkey website.

Those who become a part of the Mooning Monkeys ecosystem will notice the unique and generous tokenomics and revenue sharing of the NFTs, witnessing for once a project that really rewards its community before anyone else. Visit the Mooning Monkeys website to learn more about how players can profit from the crash game and earn passive rewards.