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McKinsey & Co. recently released a report claiming that the metaverse could have a market cap of more than $5 trillion by 2030. With the shift towards web 3.0 and metaverse-based projects, in this guide we take a closer look at the 7 best metaverse crypto coins to invest in this year.

7 Best Metaverse Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2022
1.    Tamadoge

At the top of our list of the best metaverse cryptocurrency projects to buy is Tamadoge. The Tamadoge (TAMA) token is the native cryptocurrency of the Tamaverse – a play-to-earn (P2E) platform where players can earn crypto rewards on a virtual ecosystem.

Tamadoge members can purchase Tamadoge pets, which are virtual avatars with unique characteristics, weaknesses and advantages. Each pet is minted as an NFT using smart contract functionality – making it a tradable investment.

The NFT pets can be bought on the Tama store with TAMA tokens – with 5% of each transaction being burnt. This is a part of the team’s long-term objective of creating a deflationary token – launching with a total supply of 2 billion coins.

Furthermore, Tamadoge looks to develop an AR app – where players can wear VR headgear to access the Tamaverse more easily. Tamadoge is available to buy on presale – after completing its beta presale hard cap target of $2 million in 10 days.

Tamadoge is looking to accumulate $19 million to complete its presale round, with coins available for $0.0125 per token. One of the best utility tokens, TAMA, is also CoinSniper KYC verified and is audited by Solid Proof.

2.    Battle Infinity

Another one of the best metaverse crypto to buy now is the IBAT token – the native cryptocurrency of Battle Infinity. This is a P2E and metaverse game which aims to combine gaming with blockchain technology.

Players can access the Battle Arena – a virtual ecosystem where all characters and items have been minted as NFTs via ERC 721 smart protocols. In the Battle Arena, platform members can play using VR headsets.

Another P2E feature is the IBAT Premier League – the world’s first NFT-based sports fantasy league. Players can create their own fantasy teams and compete with each other to earn IBAT as rewards.

The IBAT token is a multi-utility token that can also be swapped with other cryptos on the IBAT Battle Infinity’s decentralized exchange (DEX). Another use case is the IBAT Battle Stake – a staking platform which allows IBAT holders to earn interest on their tokens.

IBAT completed its 90-day presale in 24 days.

3.    Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a relatively new NFT competitions project which has plans on the later phases of its roadmap to incorporate some metaverse gaming aspects for its players.

Lucky Block uses decentralized protocols to provide transparency via its NFT-based competition platform. Players can participate in main draws, and weekly NFT draws – with a chance to receive a $50,000 payout.

Lucky Block maintains its network and settles transactions in LBLOCK – the native cryptocurrency of the site. LBLOCK launched in January 2022 and gained 1,100% within two weeks of launch. Furthermore, LBLOCK released a new V2 token – an ERC-20-based token which is deployed on centralized exchanges (CEXs).

After being deployed on LBank and Uniswap, LBLOCK is becoming a more globally accessible coin and can potentially see higher trading volumes and price increases in 2022.

LBLOCK also has an upcoming listing on in September, which is ranked #5 on CoinMarketCap’s ranking of crypto exchanges by trading volume. That listing on a tier 1 crypto exchange could see LBLOCK retest its former highs.

4.    Ethereum

Ethereum is an open-sourced and decentralized platform which incentivizes web 3.0 developers by deploying smart contracts. This function facilitates the deployment of various DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols, NFTs and other DApps, making it a popular hub in the metaverse sector.


Notably, Ethereum is the second largest crypto and largest altcoin, with a market cap in excess of $230 billion. Furthermore, Ethereum is expecting to undergo an ‘ETH 2.0’ upgrade – which is expected to solve many scalability and network issues on the network.

5.    Decentraland

The Decentaland platform became one of the most popular metaverse-based cryptocurrency projects in 2021. This is a decentralized project that lets players buy, sell and trade real estate in a virtual ecosystem.

Platform members can access thousands of LAND pieces on Decentraland – each of which has been minted as NFTs. All the NFT land pieces can be bought, sold and traded with MANA – one of the best emerging cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022.


MANA holders can also earn voting rights depending on the size of their holdings and participate in the MANA DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations).

6. (YFI) is emerging as one of the best metaverse and web 3.0 cryptos to invest in 2022. This decentralized cryptocurrency is an aggregator service for DeFi investors and provides loans and credit checks in a decentralized way to investors. Thus, investors can access fiat-based solutions using the cryptocurrency – including cryptocurrency loans at competitive APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

Notably, YFI aims to be a deflationary token with a limited supply of 36,000 tokens. The token made an ATH of $93,000 in 2021 before correcting throughout 2022.

7.    Sandbox

Sandbox has emerged as one of the best metaverse and play-to-earn cryptos in the last few years. Similar to Minecraft, Sandbox aims to be an open-world game where players can build on a virtual ecosystem and use web 3.0 features to earn crypto rewards.

Notably, Sandbox will allow players to buy pieces of virtual items and land on the metaverse – with $1 million worth of tokens already bought. Investors can buy and trade in the Sandbox environment with SAND – the native crypto token.