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In an exciting update, the EOS Foundation recently launched a major upgrade with innovative developments and solutions to its network ecosystem.

The upgrade coincided with a market recovery today that saw the price rally of Bitcoin and some altcoins alongside it. The theme of the upgrade had a positive ring to it, intending to deliver speed, scalability, and reliability to the EOS blockchain network.

EOS Network Launches Antelope Leap V4.0.0 Upgrade

The Antelope Leap v4.0.0 upgrade is an open-source software that enables anyone to operate a node on the EOS blockchain network seamlessly.

For clarity, a node is a computer system that runs a blockchain consensus model by validating incoming user transactions and storing the data in a distributed network ledger.

Node operators use these computer systems to validate network transactions while securing a blockchain network. They earn token rewards for their contributions to the validity and integrity of blockchain ecosystems.

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That said, the EOS Antelope Leap v4.0.0 upgrade was launched to optimize node performance, making it easy for anyone to carry out node operations without hassle.

Solutions the upgrade brings forward to node operators include multi-threading features to boost node performance, reduced node latency, faster block propagation, and more visibility and control.

The Leap v4.0.0 upgrade is an important milestone and achievement for the EOS blockchain ecosystem.

Node operators have been advised to upgrade their nodes to the newest Leap version for ease of use and compatibility with other network infrastructure.

Will Price Respond

The price of the EOS token has responded sluggishly despite the Leap v4.0.0 upgrade launch and recent market rally, which saw Bitcoin reclaim the $29,000 price region.

At the time of writing, the third-generation blockchain token is seen trading at $1.07, according to Coinmarketcap data. This is only a slight increase from its 24-hour low of $1.02.

While BTC gained over $1600 from its 24-hour price change, EOS is still yet to notably move compared to some altcoins, largely profiting from the BTC rally.

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Bitcoin is on the move to test its $29,200 resistance. If it fails to break, a retracement could occur, negatively impacting the price of EOS and other cryptocurrencies traded in the markets.

However, on the EOS monthly chart timeframe, the token is seen to be trading at base levels and halfway close to its all-time lows, which may indicate close to bottom levels for a reversal.

There is room for upside movements of the token to profit from as current market sentiments are becoming positive due to BTC’s recent price move.