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In a new development, a trader who placed a substantial $10 million bet against LUNA in May 2022 before the then native currency and UST—the algorithmic stablecoin, collapsed is now setting his sight on Reddit Moons. Going by the moniker “GCR,” on-chain data on August 8 showed the trader moved 450,000 MOON from MEXC Exchange to Kraken.

Moons Rallying

Moons, the ERC-20 token associated with the r/CryptoCurrency forum on Reddit, is firm and on an uptrend, looking at current price action. At spot rates, the token is up 400% from late July and changing hands at $0.47, hovering near 2023 highs. 

Based on price action from MEXC trade data, the immediate resistance level is at $0.65, which was printed in late July 2023. However, with the revival currently visible across the crypto market, prices will likely continue increasing. To illustrate, Moons is already up 90% in August alone, rebounding from $0.25 and surging to spot rates. 

Several factors are believed to be fanning demand. One of these is the influence of traders like GCR, who are acquiring Moons and potentially improving sentiment on altcoins considering the recent lower lows recorded in the better part of July.

However, looking at how MOON prices reacted after Kraken’s listing on August 7, the community appears more buoyant and confident of improving liquidity. 

Kraken Listing

As trackers reveal, before the Kraken listing, most Moons trading activity was concentrated on MEXC Exchange. On August 7, Kraken announced its listing of Moons alongside Bricks (BRICK). Alongside the announcement, Kraken said users could deposit MOON and BRICK from the Arbitrum Nova network.

Moons and Bricks are also available for trading on Kraken and Kraken Pro accounts. From Kraken Pro, clients can trade MOON and BRICK perpetual derivatives.

MOON has been described as a “community-driven” token since its launch in May 2020. Within the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit, it serves multiple functions, including rewarding users who contribute positively.

Reddit said Moons’ holders can access premium features, including badges and custom emojis, and tip fellow community members. Moreover, holding Moons grants voting power in subreddit polls, affording holders a say in shaping the subreddit’s future. 

Arbitrum data on August 8 shows over 121 million Moons in circulation. Out of this, more than 206,000 holders have generated over 670,000 transfers. All Moons are stored on Vault, the mobile-based wallet launched in 2022.