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Software company Microstrategy bought another $37 million worth of Bitcoin, bringing its unrealized profit to $37 million.

Microstrategy Now Holds This Much In Unrealized Bitcoin Gain

Michael Saylor, the founder and chairman of Microstrategy, has announced in an X post that the firm purchased an additional 850 BTC at $37.2 million in January, which was recently approved.

In a post on X, CryptoQuant Netherlands community manager Maartunn explains four important facts about Microstrategy’s portfolio after this latest shopping spree.

First, here is a chart that shows how the total supply held by Microstrategy has grown over the last few years:

The chart shows that the company has made several Bitcoin purchases over the past year and has substantially grown its holdings. Following the latest buying move, the firm’s wallets hold 190,000 BTC.

This is a staggering amount, as the entire circulating supply of the asset is around 19.6 million BTC right now, which means Microstrategy alone holds almost 1% of the BTC supply.

For perspective, all the Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs), including the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), combined, hold about 3.3% of the coins in circulation.

Next, Maartunn has shared a chart displaying the cost of each purchase.

Adding up all these costs, the total price of Microstrategy’s Bitcoin stack is around $5.932 billion. However, the chart below shows that the company’s actual BTC value differs from this amount.

As the graph shows, Microstrategy’s stack’s value at the current cryptocurrency price is notably higher than the amount it used to acquire these coins. In particular, the value of the company’s holdings is currently around $8.1 billion.

Finally, the analyst shared a chart revealing the firm’s unrealized profit and loss trend over the years.

Microstrategy’s Bitcoin holdings had been in the red during the 2022 bear market and most of 2023, but with the start of the rally last October, the company’s fates finally changed as it returned to the green.

The firm’s BTC stack holds significant unrealized gains of almost $2.2 billion. It would appear that Saylor’s strategy may have paid off, at least for now.

BTC Price

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading around the $43,000 mark, up 1% over the past week.