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The entire cryptocurrency space is fueled with excitement as the price of Bitcoin rallied today, demonstrating immense resilience, reaching the $59,000 threshold and even further in the past 26 months.

Bitcoin Rally Kicks Off The Strongest Pre-Bull Cycle So Far

Bitcoin is currently in the limelight as the crypto asset continues to rally, leading to several analysts identifying the surge as the start of the “biggest bull cycle ever.”

Analyst and trader Crypto Jelle has labeled the recent uptick as the “strongest start to a new cycle” as his analysis examines the strength of BTC‘s surge.

Jelle claims this resulted from Bitcoin’s latest “break out from the 0.618 Fibonacci retracement.” According to the analyst, “this marks the first time” the asset has made this kind of move “before the Bitcoin Halving event happens.”

He also claims that with the ongoing rally, it seems like the market is “in for a new regime,” he believes things will play out “differently” in the market from how they usually do.

The post read:

This is the first time Bitcoin breaks that 0.618 Fibonacci retracements before the halving event even takes place. By far the strongest start to a new cycle, ever. Looks like we are in for a new regime, where things work a little different than how they used to.

The analyst claims that a shift in the narrative is ushering in a “new era of dynamics in the cryptocurrency landscape.” As a result, “exciting moments await” the space in the future.

Crypto Jelle declared that nothing can stop Bitcoin at the moment. “With BTC rising by another 2% in the past few hours, there seems to be no stopping it right now,” he stated.

Additionally, most of yesterday’s gains occurred outside the Exchange-Traded Funds’ trading hours. However, the analyst is waiting to see if they will “force boomers to pursue price.”

BTC ETFs See Massive Inflow

Research company BitMEX reported that Bitcoin Spot ETFs have seen increased adoption, witnessing a massive surge in daily inflow. Data from the platform shows that ETFs have witnessed a significant inflow of 10,167 BTC valued at $576.8 million.

BitMEX underscored that Blackrock’s iShares BTC ETF (IBIT) made up $520 million of the total inflow. Consequently, this marks the highest inflow the company has seen since the products were approved. 

So far, Blackrock’s asset holdings have risen to over 141,000 BTC, and its net inflow sits above $6.5 billion. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $59,254, indicating a rise of over 4% in the past 24 hours.