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Oliver Michel, CEO of Tokentus Investment AG, has made a bold assertion in the latest episode of Crypto Talk – a series produced for German television in collaboration with Der Aktionaer, regarding the future role of Ripple and XRP. Michel, leading one of Germany’s prominent venture capital firms, provided a deep dive into the operational excellence of Ripple Labs and the transformative potential of XRP within the financial sector.

Ripple IPO And XRP Price Expectations

Michel praised Ripple Labs for its professional management and strategic direction, aiming for a major initial public offering (IPO). He stressed the importance of Ripple’s approach to solving the inefficiencies of cross-border payments, distinguishing between the company’s operational framework and the utility of XRP.

“Ripple is a professional company […] It’s not a foundation where some people get together and say we’re going to do something. It’s a professional company with the ambition of a fairly large IPO,” Michel stated, emphasizing the solid foundation upon which Ripple builds its services.

Delving into the specifics of Ripple’s value proposition, Michel elaborated on the inefficiencies of traditional banking transactions across borders, highlighting the advantages of using XRP as a bridge currency.

He detailed, “You give it to the bank, exchange these euros for XRPs, put them on the ledger, i.e., on the blockchain, very quickly and without major costs […] This means that XRP is the bridge currency, XRP Ledger is the blockchain, the bridge and the liquidity pool.” This process, according to Michel, stands as a testament to Ripple’s innovative approach to leveraging blockchain technology for real-world financial operations.

Michel also shared insights into his investment strategy regarding XRP, noting his expectations for the cryptocurrency’s value. When queried when he plans to sell, he remarked, “I’ll think about it when it’s at $5. So, from now on, a tenfold increase. At $10, I think that would be super good.” These comments not only reveal Michel’s bullish outlook on XRP but also his nuanced understanding of the cryptocurrency’s market dynamics.

Michel further disclosed his dual investment in Ripple, holding both XRP coins and shares in Ripple Labs through Tokentus Investment AG and his family office. This strategic positioning underscores his confidence in Ripple’s dual offerings and his belief in their long-term potential.

“I have XRP coins, both in my family office and in Tokentus Investment AG. However, we also got involved in Ripple shares very early on, both via Tokentus and via the family office, via a preliminary company, via an SPV, a special purpose vehicle,” Michel elaborated, indicating a comprehensive investment approach towards the Ripple ecosystem.

German CEO Sees XRP As Global Currency Standard

Addressing the future of digital finance, Michel underscored the significance of XRP and Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service in the evolving landscape of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). He posited that Ripple’s infrastructure could become central to global financial systems, facilitating seamless and efficient transactions between central banks.

“This is actually the most exciting question […] If the banks work together via the backend, Ripple’s bridge technology is central, everything revolves around it,” Michel stated, highlighting Ripple’s potential to revolutionize financial transactions at a global scale.

Despite acknowledging the competitive landscape, including initiatives like the JP Morgan Coin, Michel’s confidence in Ripple’s unique value proposition remains unshaken. He concluded with a compelling vision for Ripple’s future, “If time plays in Ripple’s favor, then Ripple may well become the world reserve bridge currency.”

At press time, XRP traded at $0.57769 after being rejected at the 0.5 Fibonacci level once again.